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Henry came from humble beginnings. Early on he adopted an honest and tenacious work ethic. In 1861 President Lincoln called for volunteers, Henry enlisted. He was 18.

Henry Lawton was destined to become a soldier, a leader of men. And he was, for nearly four decades. He led from the front line. Always. And he never asked his men to do anything that he had not, or would not do himself.   General Henry Lawton was a Medal of Honor recipient. He was a principled, fierce warrior. He was a loving husband and father. A beloved uncle.
A Difference-maker.

General Lawton Statue: Script 4#

 Welcome to the General Henry Ware Lawton Statue. This historic site is presented today by The National Bank of Indianapolis and the Friends of Garfield Park.

Please. . .allow me introduce you to my friend, Major General Henry Ware Lawton.  Henry was born in neighboring Ohio in 1843….his mother died when he was 9; therefore Henry and his brothers lived with friends and family while there father made a living for them. Henry did most of his growing up in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. He forever called Indiana home.

From all I have learned about the General—he was destined to be a soldier and a great American.

Henry grew up around hard working people. Henry’s father, George W., taught him well by example. Having a somewhat disconnected family, Henry adopted a purpose driven attitude from an early age.

1861: The Civil War broke out. When President Lincoln called, Henry enlisted. He was 18.

It was there he discovered the real meaning of: Courage. Fortitude. Strength.

The war closed. And Henry signed up for the Indian Wars out west. Captured the elusive. . .intrepid. . .Chief Geronimo. About which, Henry spoke very little. General Lawton had become a fierce—just and able warrior.

1898:  When the U.S. declared war against Spain…Henry was there. Fought alongside Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders.

Henry and his men had marched all night after a harsh victory. Major General Lawton, on the frontline as always. . . .was shot and killed directing an assault on San Mateo, Luzon, The Philippines.

                                              Major General Henry Ware Lawton was a magnanimous Difference-maker!

“One could not talk ten minutes with General Lawton without being forcibly impressed with his sincerity and sterling qualities, and the fact that his soldiers worshiped him speaks volumes.” The Louisville Times, December 19, 1899, Evening 

This statue, by sculptor Andrew O’Conner, was first dedicated to our City in 1907 and stood tall in, then, Capital Square. We have been honored to have this storied statue of Major General Lawton, an Indiana hero and Medal of Honor recipient, installed here in our Park, since 1915.

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