Friends of Garfiled Park

Happy Autumn!

Hello, friends…   Happy Autumn!
The Park will soon be dressed for the occasion. I can’t wait!

I’m so fortunate to live across the street from Garfield Park.

I love Fall, and the Park is the best place to celebrate and enjoy every color and every crunchy leaf underfoot.
Today, I have a brief preview and invitation about a great on-going project.

Please! Come with us on our Historical Discovery Adventure. We are on the hunt for Park stories and fond memories we can document and include in the developing “BackStories from the Park” to share with the Community. And, as always, we are in search of Difference-Makers, from the young to the older alike. It’s not about the size or the cost. It is all about the difference made for others.

My findings will be posted in the blog and maybe other places on the website. Do come along as I comb through pages of archives and fading photographs, and we digitally record face-to-face their memories and stories from people just like you.

I love the unexpected twists, or the fun filled picnics memories, and the surprising connections of people and places. And my favorite—what I call overlapping life-moments. This is bumping into an individual who just appears in a photo, or a name on a list. Some thing or someone that surfaces organically, a news clip, within the scope of the assignment. And three days later they have become an interesting, even vibrant character in your search. The Discovery is the fun!

We are in search of Difference-Makers! And—you can help!

If you have family (including ancestors) or friends that may have spent time in the Park or worked there. Perhaps a friend was married there, or entertained in one of the venues. Talk with them or family members. See what you find. They just may have a story to tell. Many rings have changed hands in this Park.

And don’t forget—It’s very possible you could discover a connection to the stories I surface as well. Email me with your findings and I will gladly reply.

Just wait!  We will come across some dramatic “what if” and “if only” moments. I’m sure of it.

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