Tribute to Betty Foley

May 29th, 2015

Dear Friends,

I trust most of you have heard that Betty Foley passed away early this morning, May 29th, 2015. She was an amazing lady and a good friend to many of us.

I first met Betty in 1989 when she was with the Friends of the Conservatory. You could always count on Betty for not only help, but her input on just about any important matter. Naturally, it would then make perfect sense that Betty would be at the table at the Fireside South in November of 1998 when we formed the FOGP.

As one of our founding members Betty continued to give of her time, treasure and talent and played a major role in our early Endowment efforts. Further, it was Betty that blazed a trail with our Brick campaign while continuing to provide countless hours of service in our outstanding Conservatory.

Today, Betty’s earthly light has gone from us, but her memory will carry on for each of us. Betty was our first FOGP Star Award winner in 2011 and how fitting it is to think that now her legacy will shine brightly as an example of service and most of all friendship!

She will be missed!

Mark Bowell

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