Featured Historical Site: The Pagoda Shelter

Pagoda Shelter Welcome to our Pagoda Shelter—truly a place where memories are made—and the stories of each generation, gifts to the next. The Pagoda was a magical place back in the day. It was built in 1903 by a clever and skilled architect, Daniel Dupree, who had a grandson he often took to the Park. For over 100 years this shelter has been the place for dances, first dates, engagements, family picnics, weddings…the list goes on and on. If this stage could talk!

The Pagoda Shelter, The Beginning: Script 16#

Welcome to Garfield Park!  Where memories are made, and the stories of one generation are gifted to the next

Allow me to tell ourPagoda Story.

It was 1903 when this story began…with the inspired creativity of one architect, Daniel Dupree.

You might say the initial request was rather mundane compared to the finished work. The “job”—was simply to replace a wooden structure that had burned down earlier in the year. The Park asked Mr. Dupree to replace it with a shelter that could also serve as a bandstand. Just that. No bells. No whistles.

That day, the creative mind of Daniel Dupree was mulling over this idea as he walked the site……hmm…a shelter…….and a bandstand.

Maybe it was the site that inspired him. It is the highest point in the Park.
Calls for a bit of majesty, wouldn’t you say?

Openly inspired, Daniel went directly to his drawing board. And from there, (days later) came one of our Park’s oldest icons, our Pagoda. Yes. Every square foot—all 3,600 of them.

The Asian character is there~in the unfettered curves…..the iron and stone…..and just a touch of drama—the upstairs promontory! Quite the view back in the day.

What a stage he built—an open invitation for all to dress-up, show-up, and be the Party! No wall-flowers at the Pagoda!

One of the best characteristics of an actual Asian pagoda…they say, “is to bring benefit.” You know, spark goodness, bring joy. And it’s true. There has been much joy and goodness happen in this very place.

Life comes to us like a story, it unfolds scene…by scene…and that truly is what happens here on this stage. For over 100 years this structure has hosted dances and family picnics, first dates, and first loves. The weddings—filled with the joy of new beginnings, and the graduations!
The doorways to life-as-you-make-it!

All of that happens here—families growing and sharing from generation after generation………….after generation. If this stage could talk…!

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