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Hello Friends…

Recently, while writing some content for a grant request we had a chance to summarize some of the programs and services we’ve been focusing on here at Friends of Garfield Park.  We thought you too might appreciate the update. And, while you’re feeling inspired…we invite you to consider how you might join in the fun. Please Like us on Facebook and be part of the ongoing conversation about all things Garfield.

The Stars Youth Empowerment program is designed to leverage best practice sports programs for the young people in the Garfield Park community.  Through strategic partnership’s the FOGP and Indy Parks have aligned with Playball Indiana, The National Junior Tennis League and a cutting edge Karate program that together touched over 500 young people last year. 2016 looks for a continued level of participation and momentum.
Garfield Alive is multi-year engagement, with a unifying theme under which to connect and energize everything Garfield Park.  Each year we envision new projects that can help bring Garfield Alive. This year we have three areas of focus: Increasing Education Outreach, Increasing Community Outreach, and Increasing Public Awareness of Garfield Park. Thanks to the Indianapolis Foundation for your mission critical support for FOGP and our community programs.
The Historic Garfield Park Tours have been launched. Our recently published historic tour program includes site markers at six locations in the Park where there exists an historically significant installation. We’ve built out an audio tour platform and a mobile tour platform to help tell the great stories of Garfield Park and the people who influenced our early days as a nation. One of the elements of the grant request we prepared was support for the creation of a new Visitor’s Guide to Historic Garfield Park. For details about the tour go to the Garfield Alive Tours page of this website.
Garfield Naturally is our recently launched program to create a sense of community and urgency for the physical assets of our Park. Particularly, we will focus on the urban forest that resides in the Park and the unique linear streams that run through the Park. The first exciting step of this initiative will be a major tree planting in the Spring of 2016 in conjunction with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful. 175 new trees will be planted in the single largest reforestation effort in the history of the park. Thanks to those who have volunteered to be part of this day!

The FOGP continues to look for opportunities everyday to lift our great park to new levels never imagined! We welcome new partners to explore this website, Like us on Facebook, and get involved in any way possible.

A great park needs great friends!

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