Change and Growth of the Friends of Garfield Park

Last year, the board of Friends of Garfield Park updated the FOGP mission statement. The mission of Friends of Garfield Park is to “ensure the preservation and evolution of the public benefits of Garfield Park through enhanced funding, effective advocacy, and expanded stewardship”. Evolution requires change and growth.

The deaths of our black brothers and sisters and the subsequent protests have rocked our world. We are at a moment in history where we must confront the tragic and unjust consequences of systemic racism. These events will be the catalyst for our evolution. We must learn the lessons of these tragedies and continue to grow into a more just and inclusive community.

The city’s removal of the Confederate marker in Garfield Park signals an evolution in the city and in the Park. The newly opened space provides an opportunity to come together, to grow and to evolve into a better community. Friends of Garfield Park looks forward to working with the City of Indianapolis, IndyParks and our diverse community partners to make this space and Garfield Park a more welcoming and wonderful place.

The Friends of Garfield Park

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