Announcing FOGP’s Annual Meeting 11-19-2020

It’s Fall in Garfield Park and that means it’s time for FOGP’s Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors.

The Friends of Garfield Park’s  2020 Annual Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 19th.   With the special situation surrounding large gatherings due to Covid 19 we are not allowed to accommodate guests during the onsite meeting. As an alternative to attending in person, the community is invited to share comments or questions to the Board of Directors.

If you have something to share or celebrate please email us at Please send your message on or before 5:00 pm Wednesday, November 18th and it will be read into the record as “Comments from the Public” during the Annual Meeting on 11/19/2020.

Thanks for a all the support you have given FOGP and Garfield Park during these unprecedented times. We appreciate you!


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