Kiwanis Foundation of Indianapolis Supports Garfield Park Youth Programs

Our gratitude to Kiwanis Foundation of Indianapolis. Inc

…for their support of Youth Education Programming at Garfield Park

In 2020, we programmed three main events; Program in a Box, A Spooky Stroll, and the Holly Jolly Drive thru. These events replaced pre-existing special events. After each event, the participants thanked us relentlessly as many of them mentioned there weren’t many events and activities taking place in and around the community. We reminded them to reach out and thank Kiwanis for their support. Below you’ll find a summary of each program.


These programs were a take home activity that included games, puzzles, recipes, science projects, and a $10 gift card for groceries to support the cooking portion of the box.

This activity replaced our Fall Break Camp offering which normally takes place at the Burrello Family Center each year.


A Spooky Stroll

This program replaced Garfield’s annual Ghoulish Garfield event.

This is easily our most anticipated event of the year. Due to the pandemic, we ‘rebooted’ the program to enhance safety measures.

Participants heard a spooky story, collected treats and goodies, and even picked a pumpkin from our pumpkin patch.

This event was going to be outside, but inclement weather changed our plans.  A fun time was had by all!



Holly Jolly Drive-thru

This event replaced our ‘normal’ Christmas programming in the park.

We created a drive-thru experience safe for kids and families, enabling them to enjoy the holiday season.

We partnered with several community organizations.

Thanks to the Kiwanis funding and the generosity of these members, we provided hot cocoa, cookies, goodies, games, grab bags, and a live musical performance by Kathy Morris. There were over 125 kids registered for this program!


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