Celebrate Earth Day with a Garfield Park Clean-up

Garfield Park staff, Indy Parks and Friends of Garfield Park are encouraging community participation in a park clean-up at Garfield Park, in celebration of Earth Day on Thursday, April 22nd.

FOGP Board Members, Katie Jacobson and Jan Lesniak will host a Friends of Garfield Park clean-up project at 4:30 pm on Thursday.

We invite all available  FOGP board and community members to join us at the Burrello Family Center at 4:30 pm for a clean-up project kick off.

Please bring your own gloves and trash grabbers if you have them. And if its your thing, share photos of the effort online using the hashtag  #KeepIndyClean

See you Thursday at Garfield Park in front of the Burrello Family Center!


A Note from Indy Parks to “ALL” Parks in the area…

This Earth Day (or ANY day), grab some friends and pick up some litter in YOUR neighborhood park. Bring your own trash bags and gloves, or if you need some stuff, check in at your nearest Parks family center. #KeepIndyClean

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