Giving Tuesday is Here!

Join the Generosity Movement!

If your household is active on Facebook would you be willing to help us rally support for the park by simply promoting our fundraising outreach on Giving Tuesday, during Facebook’s annual day of giving? If you are not comfortable donating directly on Facebook join the fun right here and Give to Garfield in our secure Website Giving Center:

All the excitement happens on one single day,

Tuesday, November 30th.

Giving Tuesday (GT) is recognized worldwide as a day of living generously!

When you visit our FOGP Facebook page on Tuesday, Nov 30th you can make sure our personal GT fundraisers get a broader reach by giving our GT posts a Like, Share, and if you feel like it… adding another small gift during the excitement of Giving Tuesday.
By sharing, liking, and promoting our GT posts you are helping the Friends of Garfield Park expand our reach on behalf of Garfield Park all in support of our Mission:
Ensure the preservation and evolution of the public benefits of Garfield Park through
enhanced funding, effective advocacy, and expanded stewardship.

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