Welcome to the Contact Directory. Garfield Park is a big place with a lot of moving parts and people who get things done. Please use this directory to connect quickly with your specific area of interest.  For keeping you tuned into the fun, each of the primary Activity Centers at Garfield have unique social media platforms such as Blogs, Facebook or Twitter, so give them a “Like”, “Follow” or “Share”  and they will keep you connected to the fun year-round at Garfield.

Conservatory & Sunken Garden

Conservatory Website: garfieldgardensconservatory.org

Front Desk, General Line: 317-327-7183, gpcons@indy.gov

Education Staff:
Elizabeth Schleicher, Assistant Conservatory Manager & 
Education Coordinator,  eschleic@indy.gov

Jessica Helmbold, Naturalist – jelmbold@Indy.gov

Horticulture Staff:
Susan Micks, Interior Horticulturist –
Kaitlyn Eilerman, Exterior Horticulturist –

Gardener, Dustin FitzgeraldDustin.Fitzgeral@indy.gov

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Garfield Park Arts Center (GPAC)

Front Desk 317-327-7135

Open, GPAC Manager 317-327-7091,

Open, GPAC Assistant Manager 317-327-7077

Abi Lindstedt, GPAC Arts Coordinator – Abigail.Lindstedt@Indy.gov

Colleen Donahoe, Community Engagement Coordinator, 317-327-7809, Colleen.Donahoe@Indy.gov

George Benn, Production Arts Manager, Indy Parks  317-327-7062, George.Benn@Indy.gov

Addie Ratcliff, Production Arts Assistant 317-327-7081  Addelyn.Ratcliff@Indy.gov

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Burrello Family & Aquatic Center

Front Desk 317-327-7220

Aquatic Center 317-327-7327

Pete Bolden, Burrello Family Center Manager, 317-327-7226, Peter.Bolden@indy.gov

Haley Clem, Burrello Family Center Assistant Manager, 317-327-7221, Haley.Clem@Indy.gov

Sarah Muller, Recreation Coordinator, 317-327-7234, Sarah.Muller@Indy.gov

Alex Phelps, Facility Assistant, Alexander.Phelps@Indy.gov

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Fritz Nerding, Garfield Regional & Park Manager, Frederick.Nerding@indy.gov


Shelter rentals, program registrations, general inquiries.

Indy Parks, Customer Service 317-327-PARK (7275)


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Mayor’s Action Center


Friends of Garfield Park, Inc.

FOGP Office: 317-954-6361 *Please contact park staff directly with the listings above if you have a park specific question or issue.

Email FOGP: info@garfieldparkindy.org


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Mailing Address:
  P.O. Box 33002
  Indianapolis, IN 46203


FOGP Address @ Park/Conservatory:
  2505 Conservatory Drive
  Indianapolis, IN 46203

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