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The Campaign

Centennial Campaign 2016
The Friends of Garfield Park Inc. is celebrating this important 100-year milestone of the Sunken Garden and Fountains with the Centennial Campaign. Through this major fundraising effort, $1 million will be developed for the Sunken Garden and Fountains Endowment Fund, ensuring the preservation of these noteworthy and treasured landmarks for generations to come.

In 2013, thanks to a major investment by Indy Parks and the City of Indianapolis, new pumps and equipment which operates the three dramatic spray Fountains in the historic Sunken Garden were installed. The Fountains with their colored lights are original to Kessler’s design. Unfortunately, for several years leading up to the 2013 installation of new equipment, the popular Fountains had sat idle. In October 2013, the beloved Fountains were rededicated by the Mayor of Indianapolis. Going forward and in coordination with Indy Parks, the Friends of Garfield Park Inc. will be responsible for funding regular preventive maintenance and repairs to the Fountains, one of the key objectives of the Centennial Campaign.

Centennial Campaign Objectives

  • Preserve, Maintain and Restore–Historic architectural elements and design features including Kessler-designed Fountains, planters, lighting fixtures, garden beds, walkways and limestone coping (rims) on fountain pools, among others require immediate, as well as ongoing preventive preservation and maintenance measures.
  • Conservation and Sustainable Practices—Along with conserving Kessler’s 1916 garden and landscape design, sustainable gardening and landscape management practices are crucial components of strong preservation and stewardship plans.
  • Education, Interpretation and Stewardship—Tours, classes, workshops and events for families and park friends of all ages are important tools for educating, interpreting and instilling a sense of value, stewardship and responsibility.

Giving Opportunities

What better time to honor and make a commitment to preserve Garfield Park’s treasured 1916 Sunken Garden and Fountains than on their 100th anniversary. The Friends of Garfield Park Inc. invites you to become a lasting part of this historic community treasure by donating now to the
Centennial Campaign!

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