Historic Preservation

Preserving the History of Garfield Park is essential to its growth.
The historical roots are the Park’s lifeblood.
The past, present, and future stories are what connects generation after generation to this, truly special, living homeplace.


Today historic preservation is a complex matrix of laws, incentives, policies and advocacy groups at the national, state, and local level. There is active participation from the public, private and non-profit sectors. This network of interests spans geographical, political, social and economic perspectives.

More importantly, however, historic preservation has become a fundamental tool for strengthening American communities. It has proven to be an effective tool for a wide range of public goals including small business incubation, affordable housing, sustainable development, neighborhood stabilization, center city revitalization, job creation, promotion of the arts and culture, small town renewal, heritage tourism, economic development, and others.

Economic Impacts

To better understand the economic impacts of historic preservation in general you may find this a long but informative read. 

The Garfield Park Fountains
Re-opened in 2013

Along with the Conservatory, the historic 1916 Sunken Garden and Fountains are among the city’s most popular and unique attractions. For over a century, the Sunken Garden and Fountains have symbolized Garfield Park, a 128-acre, urban oasis on the southeast side of downtown Indianapolis that welcomes thousands of visitors a year.

After being closed for over a year, the historic Fountains were restored and rededicated by the Mayor of Indianapolis in October 2013. Going forward, the Friends of Garfield Park Inc., will work alongside Indy Parks to provide essential resources for the annual maintenance the the 100 year old Fountains, helping to ensuring their preservation and enjoyment for many generations to come.

The Inter-Urban Waiting Station

 In the  early 1900’s, Garfield Park was on the route for a city-wide trolley streetcar system.  This historic shelter, still in the park today, served as a Waiting Station. In 2015,  The Friends of Garfield Park were please to assist neighbors and friends in restoring this Historic Trolley Stop in the park.  Every preservation project saves a bit of history from disappearing from our world.    

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