MacAllister Center for the Performing Arts

The MacAllister Center was completed in 1922 and serves as a premiere outdoor amphitheater in the city of Indianapolis. The structure was included as part of the Garfield Park National Registrar of Historic Places designation in 2003.

The MacAllister Center for the Performing Arts

The MAC was constructed in the mid-1920’s and was originally referred to as the Amphitheater. It has hosted a number of musical and theatrical shows, including Guess Who, Dolly Pardon, Chuck Mangione, and the first production of Starlight Musicals in 1944.  Local Shakespeare groups have often performed at the center and the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra regularly schedules Symphony in the Park events each summer.

2432 Conservatory Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46203

Front Desk 317-327-7135

George Benn, Concerts & Movies 317-327-7062

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The Mac is the summer-time venue for…

Garfield Shakespeare Company

See what Garfield Shakespeare Company is up to here:

They often perform in MacAllister Center and during cold weather you will may find the Company practicing and performing indoors over in the Arts Center (GPAC). Check them out. Maybe you want to go play too! 

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