The Mission of the Friends of Garfield Park is to ensure the preservation and evolution of the public benefits of Garfield Park through enhanced funding, effective advocacy, and expanded stewardship. Evolution requires change and growth.


Welcome to the official website for Friends of Garfield Park, Inc.

Please take a few minutes to stroll around and see what we have to share. You’ll find in-depth information about the Friends, our purpose for being as well as stories about past and present preservation and stewardship projects. We hope you enjoy shortcuts to park contacts so you can reach out to specific activity center staff directly or visit individual center Facebook pages to stay in-the-know about happenings at your Park.

This website is also your safe place to Give to Garfield… because a great park deserves great friends!

Garfield Park is Your Park! When you join Friends of Garfield Park, Inc. you become an important member of the Garfield Park community.

Since its beginnings over 100 years ago, Garfield Park’s distinctive, neighborhood -friendly and welcoming community feel has set it apart among the city’s major parks.

Friends of Garfield Park, Inc. came on the scene in 1998 in order to create a model for supplemental financial support for Garfield Park. An endowment supported by the Indianapolis Foundation was created in order to ensure that resources would be available to maintain the investments made in the park for many years to come.

The Friends of Garfield Park will continue to assist Indy Parks and Garfield Park long into the future to preserve the greatest park in America.

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